Grinding down Malolo’s spies. “How I got Malolo part 2” lol

If you’ve been paying attention to this blog you know that in the last KVK I took down malolo a 1+bil player. I completely zeroed him out killing 334mil worth of influence in troops and spies.

Link to Malolo part One

Click on the link above if you haven’t already seen it. Well this was KVKR and Malolo was back with a vengeance. He had rebuilt his army and invested heavily into research. This time around he was at 1.45bil. A lot of that influence from the Level 15 Military knowledge he did for “troop health during attack”. Which is INSANELY expensive, and honestly a bit wasteful if you ask me. But what do I know….

Let’s rehash what happened last time. I caught him with:

1) Farming gear (no troop bonuses)
2) Farming hero skills (everything set for resource production no troop bonuses)
3) No boosts at all (No %20-30 attack/defense boosts, No enemy reduction boosts)

This time around I faced a much more prepared opponent

1) He had lynx set on. The best defensive gear in the game.
2) He had his defensive troop skills set. Not ideal for defending against spies, but a hell of a lot better than farming skills.
3) He had some boosters on, but still was weak in that department.
4) He even built a meat shield of 1million tier 1 scouts.

So…. we have a 1.45bil opponent in front of us without a shield? We know he has lynx on, we don’t know what the result of sending one large wave would be…. We test.

First I sent 57,000 tier 1 scouts and 470,000 tier 3 wolves. Got a little bit rekt influence wise. But I did murder 1 million tier 2s and tier 1s.

I was a bit distraught after the first failure. So I decided to scale down the probes and this time I sent 527,000 tier 1 troops. I killed 190,000 tier 1s and tier 2s.

I almost gave up. But then I thought about it… if 527,000 tier 1 scouts can kill that many. What if I sent stronger troops. So I did…

As you can see. DESPITE HIM BUILDING A SCOUT WALL. Despite him wearing lynx. Despite him having the right hero skills. I was still able to grind out 47 million worth of spies while only losing 23 million myself. Against a player who has far better knowledge than me.

Stay tuned for more big hits.

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