Big hits from last KVK!

I’ve been meaning to make this post and video for a while. I’ll make the most post today. Last weeks KVK was an eventful one.

This is how many points I ended up scoring. (I’m Czar Nikolai)

This is how many points my clan scored. Yes that’s right we could have beat that kingdom on our own.

Though I must admit some of the hits, members from other clans put me on. So that is not an entirely fair statement.


So this was the very first hit I got in the KVK, and it’s the biggest. I got insanely lucky because I caught the guy without the hero.

(I normally don’t blur names out, but I ended up talking to him, and he’s a really down to earth guy, so out of courtesy I offered to blur it)

That’s 6.5 billion points just from the T5s alone.

I then started hunting people who were attacking our hives. Caught the same guy 3 times. Unfortunately I only got 2 screenshots.

The next section I will call the “Gateman chronicles”. This guy got absolutely rekt this KVK, and most of the time at my hand.

The first is a trap, the last 2 is him attacking me. I actually ended up zeroing him later in the tournament when I caught him without shield. Sadly I didn’t save that one.

Cute Kittens was another one who attacked me. I didn’t get that many points defending this time around.

Alright so the next couple of hits were guys I found without shield. The first one was a 334mil guy with decent gear and hero skills. I really had to work to wear him down. I learned this KVK tier 3s are fucking awesome at wearing down an opponent.

This is a lot of pictures in a row. But it will give you an idea the type of technique you can use when you want to take out an opponent with a lot of troops and noone is available for Onslaught

I actually fucked up. I should have looked at the scout report and realized he is cav based. Sending all those poor tier 3 ranged to their deaths was not necessary.

Next hit was Deerhunter. “The hunter became the hunted”. Again I only used tier 3s here.

Then I caught this guy just attacking people without a bubble. I still don’t understand what he was trying to accomplish.

Again T3s………. They are fucking awesome.

Last but not least my frienemies from the Aggressor clan set up some really nice traps. We are usually enemies but this kvk we set up a peace treaty and worked together. Helped us a lot.

I respect their skills.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Looking forward to the next KVK. In fact I can’t fucking wait.

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