Big hits from last KVK!

I’ve been meaning to make this post and video for a while. I’ll make the most post today. Last weeks KVK was an eventful one.

This is how many points I ended up scoring. (I’m Czar Nikolai)

This is how many points my clan scored. Yes that’s right we could have beat that kingdom on our own.

Though I must admit some of the hits, members from other clans put me on. So that is not an entirely fair statement.


So this was the very first hit I got in the KVK, and it’s the biggest. I got insanely lucky because I caught the guy without the hero.

(I normally don’t blur names out, but I ended up talking to him, and he’s a really down to earth guy, so out of courtesy I offered to blur it)

That’s 6.5 billion points just from the T5s alone.

I then started hunting people who were attacking our hives. Caught the same guy 3 times. Unfortunately I only got 2 screenshots.

The next section I will call the “Gateman chronicles”. This guy got absolutely rekt this KVK, and most of the time at my hand.

The first is a trap, the last 2 is him attacking me. I actually ended up zeroing him later in the tournament when I caught him without shield. Sadly I didn’t save that one.

Cute Kittens was another one who attacked me. I didn’t get that many points defending this time around.

Alright so the next couple of hits were guys I found without shield. The first one was a 334mil guy with decent gear and hero skills. I really had to work to wear him down. I learned this KVK tier 3s are fucking awesome at wearing down an opponent.

This is a lot of pictures in a row. But it will give you an idea the type of technique you can use when you want to take out an opponent with a lot of troops and noone is available for Onslaught

I actually fucked up. I should have looked at the scout report and realized he is cav based. Sending all those poor tier 3 ranged to their deaths was not necessary.

Next hit was Deerhunter. “The hunter became the hunted”. Again I only used tier 3s here.

Then I caught this guy just attacking people without a bubble. I still don’t understand what he was trying to accomplish.

Again T3s………. They are fucking awesome.

Last but not least my frienemies from the Aggressor clan set up some really nice traps. We are usually enemies but this kvk we set up a peace treaty and worked together. Helped us a lot.

I respect their skills.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Looking forward to the next KVK. In fact I can’t fucking wait.

Grinding down Malolo’s spies. “How I got Malolo part 2” lol

If you’ve been paying attention to this blog you know that in the last KVK I took down malolo a 1+bil player. I completely zeroed him out killing 334mil worth of influence in troops and spies.

Link to Malolo part One

Click on the link above if you haven’t already seen it. Well this was KVKR and Malolo was back with a vengeance. He had rebuilt his army and invested heavily into research. This time around he was at 1.45bil. A lot of that influence from the Level 15 Military knowledge he did for “troop health during attack”. Which is INSANELY expensive, and honestly a bit wasteful if you ask me. But what do I know….

Let’s rehash what happened last time. I caught him with:

1) Farming gear (no troop bonuses)
2) Farming hero skills (everything set for resource production no troop bonuses)
3) No boosts at all (No %20-30 attack/defense boosts, No enemy reduction boosts)

This time around I faced a much more prepared opponent

1) He had lynx set on. The best defensive gear in the game.
2) He had his defensive troop skills set. Not ideal for defending against spies, but a hell of a lot better than farming skills.
3) He had some boosters on, but still was weak in that department.
4) He even built a meat shield of 1million tier 1 scouts.

So…. we have a 1.45bil opponent in front of us without a shield? We know he has lynx on, we don’t know what the result of sending one large wave would be…. We test.

First I sent 57,000 tier 1 scouts and 470,000 tier 3 wolves. Got a little bit rekt influence wise. But I did murder 1 million tier 2s and tier 1s.

I was a bit distraught after the first failure. So I decided to scale down the probes and this time I sent 527,000 tier 1 troops. I killed 190,000 tier 1s and tier 2s.

I almost gave up. But then I thought about it… if 527,000 tier 1 scouts can kill that many. What if I sent stronger troops. So I did…

As you can see. DESPITE HIM BUILDING A SCOUT WALL. Despite him wearing lynx. Despite him having the right hero skills. I was still able to grind out 47 million worth of spies while only losing 23 million myself. Against a player who has far better knowledge than me.

Stay tuned for more big hits.

How I took down Malolo

Ok so it was late. I was about to go to bed. I just spent an hour trapping with lynx gear and no shield on. Noone bit.

So I just happened to take a look at Malolo who I knew hadn’t moved in almost a day.
I see a 1.25bil guy with no shield. And shit gear on…. but he’s 1.25bil wtf can I do…
Let’s try sending 1000 spies see what happens
(BTW I changed my name to Rich Boy Antoine because I wanted them to think I was someone else while I was trapping)
I was like…. wow 1000 spies killed 1862…. Lets try 474,000
It was at this point that I knew I was on to something….
Let’s send in the big boys (faceless)
Ok so I can clearly zero out his spies. Which I did
two more spy hits and all his spies were dead.
Now the big question…. Can I kill his 8,700,000 none spy troops.
Let’s find out
This time I start with 10,000 ranged
looks good lets try 474,000
Great… but not ready for the big boys yet. Want to weaken him a bit
I spied him to see how many soldiers he had left
Two more 474,000 ranged blows. I know 80% of my troops will die. The idea is to soften him up more before I bring in the big guns.
At this point I softened him up to 6,100,000 troops
ALRIGHT…. time for the big boys to get a shot… *gulp*. I knew I was about to send a good portion of my army and I didn’t know what the outcome would be
*heart racing*
One more big boy hit.
After that I cleaned out all his troops and all his rss
All in all he ended up with 881,000,000 with 0 spies and 0 troops. Which is pretty impressive
I lost 13,000,000 he lost 334,000,000

Two new videos posted on Youtube.

Sorry I’ve been a bit lazy. But after seeing that the first video I uploaded generated over 1300 views so far that got me interested.

So from now on I will make 1 short video a day.

I uploaded two today.

Five various tips to help you be more efficient’m an idiot I made the title “ten tips” but its actually just 5)

How to attack and bubble/shield right away. This is a particularly important technique. Makes it so you can attack without worrying about retaliation. Gives you a huge advantage if you can pull it off

Videos on Hero Sets and Hero Skill Points and How to hit Invaders.

I made a couple of videos for you guys. These videos assume you already have a basic understanding of the game. If you don’t understand something feel free to leave a comment on YouTube. I will answer any and all questions. I will dive deeper into some of the concepts I briefly touched upon in these videos. So stay tuned. I already see some things I was a little bit too vague about.

Hero Sets and Hero Skill points:


How to hit invaders:

My next video will tie up some loose ends I noticed when I re watched these videos. As well as explain the importance of being efficient with your boosts.