How I took down Malolo

Ok so it was late. I was about to go to bed. I just spent an hour trapping with lynx gear and no shield on. Noone bit.

So I just happened to take a look at Malolo who I knew hadn’t moved in almost a day.
I see a 1.25bil guy with no shield. And shit gear on…. but he’s 1.25bil wtf can I do…
Let’s try sending 1000 spies see what happens
(BTW I changed my name to Rich Boy Antoine because I wanted them to think I was someone else while I was trapping)
I was like…. wow 1000 spies killed 1862…. Lets try 474,000
It was at this point that I knew I was on to something….
Let’s send in the big boys (faceless)
Ok so I can clearly zero out his spies. Which I did
two more spy hits and all his spies were dead.
Now the big question…. Can I kill his 8,700,000 none spy troops.
Let’s find out
This time I start with 10,000 ranged
looks good lets try 474,000
Great… but not ready for the big boys yet. Want to weaken him a bit
I spied him to see how many soldiers he had left
Two more 474,000 ranged blows. I know 80% of my troops will die. The idea is to soften him up more before I bring in the big guns.
At this point I softened him up to 6,100,000 troops
ALRIGHT…. time for the big boys to get a shot… *gulp*. I knew I was about to send a good portion of my army and I didn’t know what the outcome would be
*heart racing*
One more big boy hit.
After that I cleaned out all his troops and all his rss
All in all he ended up with 881,000,000 with 0 spies and 0 troops. Which is pretty impressive
I lost 13,000,000 he lost 334,000,000

Two new videos posted on Youtube.

Sorry I’ve been a bit lazy. But after seeing that the first video I uploaded generated over 1300 views so far that got me interested.

So from now on I will make 1 short video a day.

I uploaded two today.

Five various tips to help you be more efficient’m an idiot I made the title “ten tips” but its actually just 5)

How to attack and bubble/shield right away. This is a particularly important technique. Makes it so you can attack without worrying about retaliation. Gives you a huge advantage if you can pull it off